De Kasteelse Bossen bathing beach

The following are the rules and regulations for use of De Kasteelse Bossen bathing beach Please follow these rules for your own safety as well as that of others!

  • Swim within the floating ropes.
  • Park your car, motorbike, moped, scooter or motorhome in the parking area.
  • Park your bicycle in the bicycle shed.
  • Put your waste in the waste bin, or take it home with you. Do not leave any waste behind.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not light any fires. Leave your fire pit, barbecue or other cooking device at home.
  • Leave your dog at home.
  • Leave your sound system at home, and do not cause any noise nuisance.
  • Go home in the evening, and do not camp in the vicinity of the bathing beach.
  • Leave the bathing beach and woods after sunset.